The mat pilates classes that I run are general classes. I emphasise in my classes that you work at your own pace and you do not compete with others in the class. Everyone has strengths and weeknesses and imbalances in their bodies. We need to understand sometimes that more is not better and work at the level that is right for us.


The yoga that I teach is called Purna yoga and I was taught this style of yoga at the Byron Yoga centre in Byron Bay, NSW. Purna is tradional yoga with a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa styles. As with most teachers I have put my own spin on my classes. As with both Pilates and yoga because I have been in the fitness industry for many years I bring other elements into my classes that I believe in. Yoga is very much about strength as well as flexibility. I like to have a focus for the class or the term to work towards. Over time you will see improvement s in your body and feel the benefits of regular yoga.

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My Group Classes are designed to motivate and inspire all levels from beginners to advanced. I offer lots of options so everyone can achieve their best results.


My One on One Pilates, Yoga or Core strength/yoga classes are individually designs for individual needs from beginners, rehabilitation through to advanced to achieve your specific goals.


Corporate and functional training

Do you want to combine cardio-vascular fitness, endurance strength and fitness, functional strength and core health, to have an overall health and well being session.

I can offer you all this and more.

I can work with you to set goals and motivate you to achieve them.

Session times are available by appointment only.

Session times are available for 1-4 people working together.