I have been doing a bit of research in this area for obvious reasons but also because the subject interests me immensely.

I have been drawn to Japan over recent years and love Japanese food. 

I have been researching travelling to Japan and walking the Kumanu Kodo with Raw Travel, It looks amazing.

I have found some very interesting statistics about longevity and Japan. In particular Okinawa, Japan.
The amount of Japanese who are older than 100 according to the latest statistics at the end of 2014 is 51,576. The population of Japan is 127.3 million.
Currently in Australia as at the end of 2014 there is 4,000 people over 100. Australia’s population is 23.13 Million.
Even taking into account the difference in population there is more than double the amount of Japanese people over 100.

This brings us to ask why.

One of the first things that you notice is that the Japanese eat smaller portions and eat a lot of fish.
Other things of interest is that a lot of Japanese live a traditional way of life, eat a plant-based diet, grow their own vegetables and herbs and spices. Also many Japanese purposefully restrict their intake of food to eating until they are 80% full.
Also getting 8 hours sleep per night was of importance.
Generally their way of life is spent gardening and walking and spending a lot of time with friends and family and maintaining a strong sense of purpose.

Definitely food for thought.