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One on one classes.

I love balance now is now offering individual pilates and yoga classes tailored to suit your needs and experience.


These one to one pilates classes are very beneficial for clients who have had injuries or need specific rehabilitation work.My individual classes are also very beneficial for beginners.Yoga is also very beneficial for everyone.If you have specific needs or you would like to incorporate more relaxation into your yoga then an individual class could be what you are looking for.

Price at Beaconsfield: $40.00 for 45 minutes.

$50.00 for one hour.

Other venues on request.

By appointment only.



Can I do an individual class with a friend?

Yes and the cost will be halved with your friend. If you make this permanent appointment then the rules on the cancellation apply or if one person still decides to do the class then they will be required to pay the whole fee.

What if I have an injury?

Depending on the injury I will need to talk to your professional to decide what pilates exercises need to be avoided until strength returns. Depending on the injury there could be some exercises that will always have to be avoided.

Can I cancel?

Yes but you need to give 12 hours notice or reschedule within the same week or the full fee will be charged.