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I love smoothies is a collection of smoothies that I have been making for the past 12 months with my Vitamix.

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You can use any machine to make smoothies as long as it has a strong motor that you can use ice or frozen ingredients in your smoothies. The great thing about making your own smoothies is that you know what goes into them and you don’t have any waste. You can have your favourites with your favourite core ingredients and then add extras to make them more nutritional and to add variety. You can add really nutritional ingredients that you would not eat on their own but putting them in your smoothies with a lot of ingredients that you do love, you will not taste them. For example I put parsley into nearly every one of my smoothies for the nutritional benefits but I wouldn’t sit down to a whole bowl of plain parsley. I like to use approximately 8 ingredients in my smoothies and add a mixture of fruits and vegetables.
Using a mixure of fruits and vegetables increases the fibre, vitamins and minerals and also decreases the sugar content of using fruits alone. I like to have my smoothie as a mid morning snack and I don’t use my smoothie as a meal substitute. If you are really pushed for time or you cannot stomach a big breakfast then you can easily make your smoothie healthy and nutritional enough to be a breakfast substitute. Use my smoothies as a guide and then get creative and create your own favourites. If you don’t want to add dairy to your smoothies then you can add nuts and seeds to increase the protein or you can use a non diary milk such as almond or rice milk.



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