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The pilates principles teach you correct alignment, functional mobility and attention to correct breathing in order to create a strong core.
“PURNA” means complete, and PURNA yoga integrates the different aspects of yoga into a set of exercises.
I love to cook from scratch so that I know what my family and I am eating. We are so spoilt for healthy, fresh food that there is no excuse not to eat whole healthy food. You will get an abundance of ideas in my book. “More food for feeling fabulous”
You will find me showcasing many amazing whole food and their benefits in my book “More food for feeling fabulous’ and on my website.
Having a good combination of Cardio Vascular exercise, strength and resistance training, pilates, yoga, meditation and healthy and nutritional food will help you to achieve a felling of good health and overall wellbeing.


Achieving a work/life balance can take a lot of planning and realizing that we need to set aside time to do the things that we want to do not only the things that we have to do. Keeping a diary and scheduling in appointments to put those practices into place and having events to look forward to can really help to achieve the life that we deserve.Work to live not live to work.


We need to Prioritise a balance between work, play and sleep. I have a fantastic feature article to help you with time management skills. The main thing is to get into good habits to set you up for life.


I believe very strongly in setting goals. Short, medium and long term goals will help us in all areas of our lives. Sometimes people have fantastic goals in the workplace but not with their health and fitness. My philosophy is that if we don’t have good health then your work and career will suffer so putting our health and fitness first should be a priority.


In our busy lives it is a challenge to stop and just be and bring some calmness into our lives. Meditation can help us do this. Even if we start with just 5 minutes of simple yoga breathing and with practice we will form a habit. You will quickly realise the fantastic benefits that meditation can bring.


In my yoga and pilates classes and workshops I teach basic Yoga breathing techniques called pranyama. These breathing techniques are fantastic for calming the nervous system and bringing peace and harmony to the mind and body. Learning these techniques is fantastic for bring balance, clarity and also for increasing your concentration and lung capacity.


Finding activities that are fun and also keep you fit and healthy is fantastic. I love to travel and where possible I always bushwalk on all holidays. I love doing activities that get me out into the fresh air.
Dancing is another fantastic activity that is heaps of fun and also keeps you fit. I love spending time with my family. Cooking for my family has always been a priority.