Yoga Classes



The yoga that I teach is called Purna yoga and I was taught this style of yoga at the Byron Yoga centre in Byron Bay, NSW. Purna is tradional yoga with a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa styles. As with most teachers I have put my own spin on my classes. As with both Pilates and yoga because I have been in the fitness industry for many years I bring other elements into my classes that I believe in. Yoga is very much about strength as well as flexibility. I like to have a focus for the class or the term to work towards. Over time you will see improvement s in your body and feel the benefits of regular yoga.

The important features of my yoga classes are:

Breathing. I always have a section for Pranyama breathing or yoga breathing.

Non competivie. I always emphasise  non competitive and for you to work within your own limits and not worrying what others are doing.

Non Judgement. Working where you are comfortable without judgement of yourself or others. I give many options with each pose so everyone can work to their own level.

Balance. I always have a part of the class devoted to balance.

Inversion. I always have a part of the class devoted to an inversion and there are always options offered.

Vinyasa. Or flow. I always have a section of the class devoted to bringing heat into the body with Vinyasa or flow. There are always options given to different parts of the flow.

Feature poses. There will always be a feature pose that I will work on for the term. This is particularly beneficial to participants so they can build strength and confidence in some challenging poses and see progress and improvements.

Savasana. Savasana is complete relaxation which comes at the end of the class. Savasana is very important for the body to relax and take up the benefits of the class by calming the nervous system and nurturing the body.

Education. I pride myself that I am a teacher and during the class I will educate and adjust where necessary.

Safety. I always put safety first with my students so if there are any injuries or problems I will always take these into consideration